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In Heat or Weak
Aug 18, 2018
A yo, I outlandishly brandish heat // Outstandin' speech // Can't a man withstand this reach // And with each calculated plan, lands get breached // Hands to feet // And with each feat, hand defeat // With ridged rhymes dispersed // Time reversed // Wicked minds converse // Behind enemy lines, 9's converge // Time to burst hollow-headed led, find ya hearse // The light shinin' is quite blindin' to hide the curse // And when ya spine get jerked all you'll find is hurt // Don't wanna spend time in dirt? // Put ya mind to work // Get 9's that work // Cant be havin' no jammin' // My stamina's longwithstandin' // I'm damagin' half the planet with microphone apparatuses // Flippin' adjectives more than them acrobatic kids is // After that it gets sick // I'm shittin' on rappers like laxative accidences // You lackin' the passion to spit // Came unequipped, dashin' back for the clips // Ya faction reactin' to this immaculate action // I twist ya back till I'm snappin' ya disk // And ain't a cat lastin' with this // It was my predetermined destiny // To check the rest who question me // My flows best like slow sex off ecstasy // Neck to feet // Come correct or be the next defeat // Rest in peace // When my rep increase, weapons cease // Cuz shootin's useless // Leave you recoupin' toothless // Stupid to scoot this fat track to the back rack // Jackers still boost this // It's hot commodity // From the bottom till the top spotted me // Haters be smokin' on that rock, probably // Gotta be grade A // Catchin' wreck and checkin' these fools like it's payday // And cashin'em in the same way // You fearin' the lyrics // Life after death, you hearin' the spirits // Last days, you feelin' you near it // So God bless // Bring ya click when you con-test // Even an accomplice armed with a bomb and a vest // Nevertheless // One verse, I sever the chest // Whoever comes first, I'll weather the rest // It's gettin' critical // I'll ridicule ya pinnacle // You ain't my dog, you just full bred pit-a-full // The pen is my tool, ya dead when I pull // Fill ya head with the lead of my jewel // Trail of blood where I lead them into // Never let em get they 2 cents // Ya crew is too dense // Leavin' you tense, playin' it cool // You a nuisance // I'm present and accounted for // You cats down to 4 lives and there's more to die // Try, you'll be mortified // Fortified from floor to sky // Born to ride // Formin' sides would be more than wise // No surprise, wrote it high in order to soar the skies // More than mortal minds design // My lines borderline Devine. I'm inclined to shine // Just give it time, you'll find the light in the lime // Intertwined with the mind of the rhyme // I'm changin' the face of rap like plastic surgeons // Takin' hoe's off tracks, turn em back to virgins // Back to swervin' in black on black Excursions // I'm lurkin' // So wack cats, crack ya curtains.


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