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Aug 17, 2018

About Heat or Weak Area


Edited: Aug 17, 2018

Post anything whether video or song and if it stays here it’s Heat, if disappears it’s Weak! This will be determined by amount of likes and the moderator.

Aug 18, 2018

A yo, I outlandishly brandish heat // Outstandin' speech // Can't a man withstand this reach // And with each calculated plan, lands get breached // Hands to feet // And with each feat, hand defeat // With ridged rhymes dispersed // Time reversed // Wicked minds converse // Behind enemy lines, 9's converge // Time to burst hollow-headed led, find ya hearse // The light shinin' is quite blindin' to hide the curse // And when ya spine get jerked all you'll find is hurt // Don't wanna spend time in dirt? // Put ya mind to work // Get 9's that work // Cant be havin' no jammin' // My stamina's longwithstandin' // I'm damagin' half the planet with microphone apparatuses // Flippin' adjectives more than them acrobatic kids is // After that it gets sick // I'm shittin' on rappers like laxative accidences // You lackin' the passion to spit // Came unequipped, dashin' back for the clips // Ya faction reactin' to this immaculate action // I twist ya back till I'm snappin' ya disk // And ain't a cat lastin' with this // It was my predetermined destiny // To check the rest who question me // My flows best like slow sex off ecstasy // Neck to feet // Come correct or be the next defeat // Rest in peace // When my rep increase, weapons cease // Cuz shootin's useless // Leave you recoupin' toothless // Stupid to scoot this fat track to the back rack // Jackers still boost this // It's hot commodity // From the bottom till the top spotted me // Haters be smokin' on that rock, probably // Gotta be grade A // Catchin' wreck and checkin' these fools like it's payday // And cashin'em in the same way // You fearin' the lyrics // Life after death, you hearin' the spirits // Last days, you feelin' you near it // So God bless // Bring ya click when you con-test // Even an accomplice armed with a bomb and a vest // Nevertheless // One verse, I sever the chest // Whoever comes first, I'll weather the rest // It's gettin' critical // I'll ridicule ya pinnacle // You ain't my dog, you just full bred pit-a-full // The pen is my tool, ya dead when I pull // Fill ya head with the lead of my jewel // Trail of blood where I lead them into // Never let em get they 2 cents // Ya crew is too dense // Leavin' you tense, playin' it cool // You a nuisance // I'm present and accounted for // You cats down to 4 lives and there's more to die // Try, you'll be mortified // Fortified from floor to sky // Born to ride // Formin' sides would be more than wise // No surprise, wrote it high in order to soar the skies // More than mortal minds design // My lines borderline Devine. I'm inclined to shine // Just give it time, you'll find the light in the lime // Intertwined with the mind of the rhyme // I'm changin' the face of rap like plastic surgeons // Takin' hoe's off tracks, turn em back to virgins // Back to swervin' in black on black Excursions // I'm lurkin' // So wack cats, crack ya curtains.

Aug 18, 2018

full bred pitifull💪🏾