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... Simon taught that he was a Sun of God, destined to appear among the Jews. He claimed he would descend in Samaria as the Father, and among the other nations as the Holy Ghost. He said he was one with the watchers. He was always accompanied by his consort Helen, a converted prostitute from Tyre. Simon claimed she was his first-born creation from his holy mind, the Mother of all. Helen first gave Father Simon the idea to create angels. She brought Simon's will to the lower planes of material existence, and made the world. She was held captive by the lower forces, who refused to let her leave. They had no knowledge of Simon, and enclosed her in a female human body, and she re-incarnated as female for centuries. She continued to degrade over time, until she finally became a prostitute. It was claimed. Simon, came down to earth to rescue her, and while he was on earth he would offer men his Gnosis (knowledge) for their salvation. He was never really a man, though, and though he appeared to suffer in Judea, he never really suffered. To believe in Simon is enough for salvation, and no further duties were required of his believers to be saved. Simon announced the old world would eventually be destroyed, but his believers would be saved from the dark forces which govern these lower planes. The followers of Simon cast out demons, handle snakes, lay on hands for healing, and perform all sorts of magical rituals.  

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